The Meaning of Living Room in Spanish

It can be said that almost every house all around the world will tend to have living room as the first entrance. This is the primary reason on why in some countries, living room has become the most important room in the house and it needs to be taken a good care of. Because of the importance of living room, it has its own national language in every country, such as in Spain. The word ‘sala de estar’ means living room in Spanish. It is known to be the most common language in Spanish for the word living room. It is possible to pronounce ‘A mi familia le gusta relajarnse en la sala de estar’ which means My family likes to relax in the living room.

Words That Refer to Living Room in Spanish

Practically, if you are looking at the word living room in Spanish in some of the English-Spanish dictionaries, there are some Spanish words which also mean living room. Similar thing also happens when you are about to search for the word patio in Spanish. They are including ‘la sala de estar’, ‘el salon’, ‘la sala’, ‘la estancia’, and the word ‘el cuarto de estar’. For more additional information, you should use each word in different situations because they can be as noun, verb, and adverb. Some examples of the sentences are just like ‘Vamos a hacer la fiesta en el salon’ which means We’re going to have a party in the living room. Or let’s just say ‘Quieres comer en la cocina o en la sala?’ which means Do you want to eat in the kitchen or in the living room? Or in ‘Pasamos mucho tiempo en la estancia porque es la habitacion mas comoda de la casa’ which means We spend a lot of time in the living room because it’s the most comfortable room in the house.

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After you have known a few different Spanish words about the living room, maybe it is a perfect time for you to know and understand more about some incredible Spanish style living room designs. Actually, just like any other European characteristic of the room design and décor, this Spanish style living room tends to have more vibrant and extravagant themes. As a result, when you are living in Spain and you are about to choose some great décor for your living room, it is truly recommended that you are using the word living room in Spanish so that they will give more respect on your preference.

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